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From a place of absolute love and fandom, armed with the inability to click “No,” to the question, “Are you still watching this?,” and a love for deconstructing pop culture, queer siblings, Quinn (they/them) and Emilie (she/her) created this podcast as a way to talk about anti-oppression politics, millennial culture and queer feminism while still watching and enjoying their favorite 90’s show.
Join them as they discuss, unpack, revel and challenge the fashion, relationships, and some seriously problematic jokes, one episode at a time. All while learning to podcast for the first time.

About Us

How We Got Here...

Emilie and Quinn are two Montreal-raised, queer siblings who have been binge watching television shows since the early 2000’s. They discovered Friends it had already aired and went from having watched maybe 1 or 2 reruns on TV to owning all ten seasons on DVD in the span of a few months.
They became mega fans who prided themselves in their Friends knowledge (and won some bar trivia while they were at it). As they grew up and got involved in social justice activism, they started feeling hella uncomfortable by the sexism, transphobia, queerphobia, fatphobia, BIPOC-erasing elements of the show. It just took a global pandemic and nothing to do for What the Phalange?! to come to fruition.

A selfie of Quinn and Emilie with big smiles and coffee thermoses held close



Quinn (they/them) is a queer, sober, weirdo human who can energize a room with their super silly vibes.

Now working as a yoga teacher and massage therapist offering body-posi/gender-affirming services, Quinn has somehow managed to do some incredibly random but unbelievably epic things in their life. They ran as a Quebec Green Party candidate, put forest fires in BC, ran a marathon and spent an entire summer living in a tent.

Because of Quinn’s eclectic, adventurous and passionate spirit, spending hours chatting with them without even realizing it is normal - hence the reason why our podcast episodes seem to get longer every time. With fun facts, mixed with a healthy dose of cynicism, Quinn is a delightful podcast co-host to have around.



Emilie (she/her) is a 28-year old queer, sober human with a critical mind, a will for justice and an endlessly compassionate heart. Because of this (and her humor) Emilie makes for the perfect human to have silly but honest and constructive conversations about both the serious and the superficial, and it’s why she was the first person I tried to convince to take on this project with me.

Emilie is an introverted, rule-loving, people-person – meaning she wants to be around people all the time, but you must come to her; she covers up her social anxiety and fear of awkward silence by never shutting up; and she wants everyone to have a great time at all times no matter what, but draws the line at breaking the rules and leaving her house.

Outside of this podcast, Emilie works full-time in human resources and is also a trauma-informed mindful movement teacher.

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